FOP, Going South...

FOP members in Chicago are facing fraudulent accusations all over the city. IPRA, COPA, prosecutors, and IAD are attacking them for the most frivolous reasons. They are being stripped. Their insurance just went up. Their union sold out their pension security in the last contract. And law firms throughout the city are looking for ways to profit from making allegations against them.

In response to the dire situation facing these FOP members, what is the current FOP administration under Dean Angelo doing to battle for its members?

They’re planning a trip to Florida, that’s what.


Foxx And Feds: Feud Festering?

For Kim Foxx, Toni Preckwinkle, and the wrongful conviction lawyers in Chicago, everything had been going great.

The only fly in the ointment in their crusade to secure the top prosecutor’s job in Chicago was a distant voice from a loudmouthed billionaire with delusions of becoming president. This evil rich man, Donald Trump, was running around claiming the system, in particular the media, was rigged.

But these accusations from the Republican wilderness were hardly a serious concern for the Chicago cabal, in large part because the local and national media were dutifully ridiculing Trump for even making such a suggestion.

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Mills Article A "Bombshell" Or More Tribune B.S.?

Two controversies emerged during the last presidential election. One was the claim that the media cannot be trusted. The other was the claim that the system, including the media, was rigged.

One side in the election howled that such claims were crazy. The other insisted they were true.

Whatever side one was on, recent polls indicate that the public clearly does not trust the media.


Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media "to report the news fully, accurately and fairly" has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.

Chicago is a place where these claims can be hashed out in the civil courts. One such test has just begun, initiated by an article from the Chicago Tribune, Report: Police Coerced Teens, about four men suing Chicago Police detectives for their supposed wrongful conviction for a 1994 rape and murder, the “Englewood Four” case....Read More

In Wrongful Conviction Scandals, All Roads Lead Back To Jon Burge

That legal attack eventually became focused on a legendary police commander, Jon Burge, whose ability to solve cases was renowned throughout the department. By vilifying Burge, claiming Burge and his men were racist monsters whose crimes were covered up by the rest of the department, the PLO could create a mythology that would serve their purposes of attacking the police, just as the Sacco and Vanzetti and Rosenberg cases had bolstered the radical left by claiming they had been framed for their crimes. 

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CBS Reporter Dave Savini Unleashes Media Hit Job On Injured Officer

A local “investigative reporter” employing a largely discredited method of activist journalism has set his sites on a Chicago Police Officer injured in the course of doing her job.  

CBS reporter Dave Savini has been running a steady stream of media “hit pieces” against Chicago Police Officer Michelle Murphy, a south side cop who was nearly killed in the course of a traffic stop.  

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Nixon's Paranoia Is Chicago's Reality

It was a explosion that shocked federal law enforcement. 

In March of 1970, a townhouse in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City being used as a bomb factory for the radical group the Weather Underground accidentally exploded, killing three WU members and injuring two others. 

The bombing itself was bad enough, but what investigators found in the ruins of the townhouse was even more shocking. There was radical literature with calls for Marxist revolution, more dynamite that had miraculously not exploded, and a bomb factory that portended numerous plots to bomb other locations. Investigators eventually learned that the bomb makers had planned on using the devices at a military base in New Jersey, which could have killed hundreds. 

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Zorn Bias A Heavy Burden For City

Poor Eric Zorn. 

He suffers from a malady common in Chicago. It’s called Conspiracy Bias Syndrome. 

It is an incurable condition among Chicago journalists, academics, and activists, one in which the afflicted sees conspiracy in one select subject or group, even if it is not real, but is wholly unable to see conspiracies in other places, even ones with mountains of evidence.  

Zorn’s Conspiracy Bias Syndrome revealed itself again last week in the wake of a reported $25 million counterlawsuit against a collection of people trying to right one of the greatest wrongs in the history of the city’s criminal justice system, the exoneration of a convicted killer Anthony Porter and the conviction of Alstory Simon in 1999.  

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